Alex Jones Files Bankruptcy But InfoWars And Others Will Never Die

Alex Jones Files Bankruptcy

Alex Jones Files Bankruptcy really has the cybersphere buzzing about his Sunday filing. The leftists are cheering that they finally finished InfoWars off, but the laugh is on them. Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing allows a company to reorganize and stops its creditors from taking action to seize company assets. This will allow Jones and InfoWars to keep on rolling like a Hillary For Prison Billboard! 😎 Tim Poole lays it all on the line about Jones bankruptcy. Video credit, Timcast/Rumble The New York Post reports: Alex Jones’ companies, including his…

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Why Was Alex Jones NOT Invited To Trump Social Media Summit

alex jones on the battleground front line

The Twitter sphere is buzzing today about Alex Jones NOT being invited to President Trump’s social media summit that’s being held tomorrow, 07/11/19. In my humble opinion Jones has been mistreated the most by big tech, but was on Donald J. Trump’s campaign battleground front line from the beginning. It’s sad he has been forgot about! 😥 It’s also my opinion that Alex Jones had a lot to do with Donald J. Trump being elected. I remember those “Hillary For Prison” rolling billboards, and aircraft banners telling everyone where Hillary…

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Law & Order SVU Slams InfoWars Alex Jones In PizzaGate Spinoff

PizzaGate Alive And Well As Real Fake News

NBC Law and Order Special Victims Unit (SVU) aired Season 18, Episode 17, titled Real Fake News. The storyline broadcast Wednesday night features a PizzaGate-based conspiracy theory website. This SVU episode appears to be directed at InfoWars publisher Alex Jones a Donald Trump supporter! The PizzaGate scandal featuring Hillary Clinton and John Podesta was regurgitated by NBC SVU as a slam toward InfoWars Alex Jones. PizzaGate was sizzling hot back during the presidential election with the popular hashtag trending on Twitter. Alex Jones was one of many publishers that ran…

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