Crooked Hillary’s Back Blaming Everyone But Herself For Election Defeat

Hillary Clinton is back again blaming everyone but herself for stinging 2016 election defeat. We know she lost because she was a lousy candidate. Crooked Hillary thought Americans wouldn’t see through her lies and dirty campaign tricks.

Hillary Clinton At Womans Conference 05/02/17
Crooked Hillary is back again blaming her stinging election loss on everyone but herself.

What’s really laughable about Hillary being 100% up front, which was certainly not an admission of her own guilt was. Hillary proceeded to blame the Russians and Wikileaks for plastering John Podesta’s emails onto the net. She also plaid the blame game on FBI James Comey’s letter to congress that cost her the election.

And her Liberal media Cheerleader staff who praised her during the campaign stuck it too her something fierce.

I was on the way to winning until the combination of Jim Comey’s letter on Oct. 28 and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off. And the evidence for that intervening event is, I think, compelling, persuasive. The reason why I believe we lost were the intervening events in the last 10 days, she added.

In response, even the likes of MSNBC, NBC, and CNN, all of which vehemently displayed rampant bias toward Clinton during the campaign, turned on the Democratic candidate, labeling her ‘pathetic’ and a ‘failure’.

“That was pathetic,” he said. “I’ll say it … I’ll get killed. Everybody I’ve talked to, Democrats, independents, Republicans, and the like said that was pathetic.” said Joe Scarborough of MSNBC:

The fact that she is so strongly saying this now so many months after the election, it shows that this arrogance and the sense that this was a coronation was so ingrained in her, that she still can’t believe it today,” added Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski.

Over at NBC, Andrea Mitchell, who Trump previously described as ‘Hillary Clinton’s PR person’, expressed similar disdain.

Andrea Mitchell Points Out Hillary Clinton’s Many Failures During 2016 Presidential Race. What about her responsibility for failing to have a better message? Mitchell noted.

She says it was not a perfect campaign, but no mention of her failure to go to Wisconsin. To campaign earlier in Michigan. Connect with rust belt voters in Pennsylvania. All the blue states that went for Donald Trump. Or why the first female nominee could not win a majority of white college educated women,” Mitchell added.

Finally, CNN, previously dubbed the ‘Clinton News Network’ by the now President Trump, tore into Hillary for not ‘taking responsibility’ for her monumental loss.

I think the most telling line was her saying. ‘I can’t be anything other than what I am.’ And for Hillary Clinton to the frustration of a lot of her supporters. That includes being somebody who has some difficulty taking responsibility for what happens. said CNN host Dana Bash.

She certainly is always first to go to external factors, be it James Comey or WikiLeaks. added Brianna Keilar.

Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta’s DUMB DUMB Gmail password was to blame for her exposure by WiliLeaks, not the Russians.

Who operated an insecure email server in her basement and did State Department Business on it, Crooked Hillary, who was defended by James Comey!!

Who ran a charity foundation and collected millions from foreign contributors who desired access to the State Department, Crooked Hillary, Sold Out America!

Who cooked up the false Russian Hacking narrative 48 hours after losing the election, Crooked Hillary, John Podesta, Robby Mook!

Crooked Hillary just don’t get it – never did and never will. She should just shut up and go away. Now her darling bought and paid for Liberal Media is laughing their ass off at her stupidity!

America is so sick of crooked career politicians like Hillary Clinton. This is why Hillary Lost the election. America voted for Donald Trump the Make America Great Again!

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