Tuckers Back | This Must Be Killing FauxNews

Tucker Carlson has a new channel on Telegram and has been putting out some MAGA good content. If you missed his Vladimir Putin Interview its on his website in full. But first lets look at Joseph Stalins Metro Subway Station, 70 years later! 😧

Wow, what did Putin do with his homeless and poor people? Did he send em to NYC since our border is open to the world? We have to remember the Truth is not whatt we hear. I bet Vlad had a chuckel knowing NYS officials would be watching Tuckers video’s!

Damn, Tucker Carlson is Great, actually even greater, he’s MAGA Great! You can just bet those ole boys at FauxNews are regretting giving this great Journalist the boot!🥾

Trump witch hunt

Just a quick post, the first post ive done since switching my domain to an unused one that i used as a front end for Doc’s Place BBS which I operated for 32 years went dark about 8 months ago when my latest love gave me the boot! But at 72 years old I’m still above ground, whitch ole Martha Steuat says, That’s a Good Thing as is MAGA!

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