America Said YES To Trump 2024 At Iowa Caucuses

Yes.. Yes.. Yes.. was the message Iowians sent to Donald Trump last night at the State’s Caucuses. Trump will now head to next week’s New Hampshire primary with a commanding lead over his rivals. 🇺🇸 Watch as he runs away with New Hampshire because he does what he says, and his word is his solid gold bond! ❤️

WATCH REPLAY: Election Night in Iowa LIVE with RSBN at the Trump Campaign Watch Party 1/15/24

ALAl Jazeera Reports: As the world closely watched, Former US President Donald Trump decisively won the caucus ballots and Trump also secured an endorsement from opponent Vivek Ramaswamy, who dropped his bid.

trump wins iowa caucus
trump wins iowa caucus

Trump cemented his status as a frontrunner of the Republican Party with 51 percent of votes. Trump likely received strong support from key voting blocs in the caucus – White evangelicals and very conservative voters. Trump’s margin was the largest in an Iowa caucus, surpassing the previous record of 12.8 percentage points for Bob Dole in 1988.

Iowa is only the first state in a months-long nomination process for both parties.

Donald Trump has trolled Joe Biden with a bizarre advert, labeling the White House a “senior living” facility where “residents feel like presidents”.The 30-second clip features unflattering shots of Mr Biden, with a soft voiceover in the style of retirement living TV commercials. “Our vibrant facility offers delightful activities and outings, around-the-clock professional care, and exquisite housemade meals,” the narrator says. It concludes: “White House senior living, where residents feel like presidents.” The video has been viewed 2.7 million times in just five hours since Mr Trump shared it on his Instagram page.

‘White House Senior Living’ Video: “Where Residents Feel Like Presidents” Video credit, DJT Campaign.

Let us all have a neighborhood Trump 2024 meet-and-greet party. Anyone that you meet or know that’s not registered to vote, get them registered ASAP. Rumors are spreading that Joe Biden will be registering illegals to vote. And I believe one state has already done so! We will also need poll watchers. If you are interested in volunteering check with your local GOP office. This 2024 Presidential Election is the most important to stop crime and un-fund Ukraine, and others, so it’s all hands on deck. 🙂

We’re taking our America Back! 🇺🇸

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