Protect Yourself The Crap’s Fixing To Hit The Fan!

Protect yourself when the crap hits the fan because if my predictions come true, nobody will be coming to save any of us! Our President is Selling Out America. Who gives the Hamas (the enemy) $$$ for attacking Israel? It’s also my opinion that Pino Joe is being extorted by the countries that were stuffing Hunter Biden’s pockets full of cash!

The ‘Outnumbered’ panel discussed the demonstrations and the far left’s backlash surrounding the Israel-Hamas War. Video credit FoxNews/YouTube

America’s southern border has been wide open since shortly after Potus46 took office. As the news reported on the thousands of migrants who entered America illegally, I thought about one reality, Democrat Voters. But, where are all these people coming from? And what are their intentions once they arrive at their intended destination? Though Alejandro Mayorkas lies his butt off again and again saying The Border Is CLOSED! There’s possibly a coordinated attack coming! 😥

The Worst Speech In Presidential History (Ep. 2114) 10/20/2023. The Dan Bongino Show!

Something is rotten in The White House and it ain’t Hunters Teeth! I believe the DHS is pre-approving migrants through an app they developed, I’m highly concerned about what may happen before the 2024 election. As long as America’s southern border has been open, who knows how many terrorist cells are already established on our own soil? An attack may be from what’s known as an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) nuke that explodes 400 miles over Central America. If that happens our whole electric grid goes down. The grid will come back up eventually, but will take time. Can you imagine living with no electricity? No ATM no Gas, I would suggest ratholing some cash in a safe place. We have the technology to protect our grid, but whatever the reason didn’t do it!

The Congressional EMP Commission reports that a nationwide blackout of the electric power grid and grid-dependent critical infrastructures could last a year or longer. The U.S. population could find itself living in conditions like the 1800s. Video credit FoxNews/Levin/Pry

I’m a little like Gibbs on NCIS. My Gut tells me something big is coming! The bottom line is we have to prepare for the “What If” come true. Perhaps form a neighborhood group, possibly meet at one home if the crap hits the fan. Rember in a digital society if the power goes out, everything stops. No ATMs, Credit Cards, or Gasoline. Better rathole a bunch of cash. And don’t forget to store up as much water as possible. Protect Yourselves!

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