Nuclear WW3 Is America Ready

Nuclear WW3, is America ready? With such a disastrously weak administration calling the shots, It may not be long before all hell breaks out! Even Donald Trump warned ‘all-out nuclear WW3’ is on the horizon in his live stream after being charged in the NYC Get Trump witch hunt. Last night on the Hannity show, Sean showed an animated air strike launched in Taiwan broadcast on China State TV. The U.S. Dollar used to represent America’s strength, but has gotten so weak several countries may soon not accept it!

Mark Levin torches Biden’s continued weakness as China seeks world dominance. Video credit, FoxNews/Rumble

Fox News reports: Former Justice Department chief of staff Mark Levin ripped President Biden’s apparent focus on visiting Northern Ireland to commemorate the 1998 Good Friday Agreement and to reportedly trace his family roots in the Republic of Ireland as China continues building strategic worldwide dominance that could bring Nuclear War. Biden’s upcoming trip to Northern Ireland, where he will reportedly be met by United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, will mark 25 years of peace since the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 formally ended decades of “The Troubles” an oft-violent conflict between the proverbial Orange and Green largely-Protestant Unionists loyal to the Crown, and largely-Catholic republicans supportive of a unified Ireland. [Beware of a Nuclear EMP Taking out our Electric Grid!]

Pete Hegseth talks about BRICS that could lead to the DEATH of the U.S. Dollar destroying what’s left of America. If BRICS manages to get going our dollars could become worthless. Like Confederate currency.

China and Russia are making aggressive moves to undermine America’s global dominance. Video credit, FoxNews/Rumble

America is in deep trouble, yet instead of taking care of our homeland, the Biden Administration is concentrating on Ukraine. And his other policies are not working either. As folks struggle to make ends meet there is talk about $ 5-gallon gas. In other news, Doc has moved his over 1000 post political archive to this domain. As our homeland is in another crisis many of my predictions since around 2015 archived here proved to be true. Turn off mainstream media and watch Fox News for the truth!

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