Alvin Bragg Said Trump Will Not Be Charged And Resigns Position

Alvin Bragg announced in this video that Donald Trump will not be charged. He also announced he is resigning his position as New York City District Attorney. The video was shared by Jack Posobiec on Twitter but none of the media is commenting on it. Was the video pre-recorded to be announced on Monday? Is there a leak in the DA’s office? Does the DA have a leak? What are Y’alls thoughts? 😎

Alvin Bragg saying Trump will not be charged and that he is Resiging his DA job. Video credit, Jack Posobiec / Twitter

Update 03/25/23: This video is a Deep Fake that was created by Jack Posobiec that should have been disclosed as Satire, not real! It sure looks authentic and fooled me. Must have used AE to produce it somehow. I’ve heard that Google could create content like this that looks and sounds realistic. Just now on Fox&Friends, it was announced that Levi-Strauss will be using AE as models, eliminating humans.

The NYPost reports: It appears that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg will go another week in the legal effort to locate the nation of Kailasa on a map. Recently, Mayor Ras Baraka and the city of Newark held a formal ceremony signing a partnership with the nation of Kailasa that pledged mutual cultural, social, and political development. After all of the fanfare, pomp, and circumstance subsided, a small problem emerged. Kailasa does not exist. This investigation stinks like an NYC bordello at low tide! 😎

Former Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway joins ‘The Brian Kilmeade Show’ to discuss Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s attempt to indict the former president and provide an analysis of the possible pool of Republican 2024 candidates. Video credit, FoxNews/YouTube

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