Twitter Files Release Has State-Sponsored Media Hiding The Facts

The Twitter Files Release has revealed how the DNC and the Biden Campaign colluded with the FBI to censor conservatives. Last night there was a Twitter Spaces (live audio conference) that drew over 1000 participants including Elon Musk who answered participants’ questions. The spaces host was Kim Dotcom and another not known to me. Even Donald Trump chimed in for a bit. This spaces session was nearly three hours and its recorded session was uploaded to YouTube. So with Google being part of the state-sponsored media I downloaded the video and extracted the audio track that is embedded below.

Actor James Woods joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to react to reports the DNC ordered Twitter to remove the actor’s tweets, telling the government, ‘I am not afraid of you.’

Here’s the recording of our Twitter space with @elonmusk today. This is for everyone who cares about free speech and truth. Elon answered important questions. Listen to his own words and intentions instead of the spin by the corrupt media that he exposed. The DNC IS State Sponsored Media! 😡

Twitter Files Release Spaces Recording 12/03/22 Credit Kim Dotcom and other participants.

DNA reports: The expose reveals the inside story behind Twitter’s decision to censor the story around emails leaked from President Biden’s son Hunter’s laptop. The world’s richest man and new Twitter boss Elon Musk on Saturday released the first part of his ‘expose’ called the ‘Twitter Files’. Released with independent journalist Matt Taibbi, the Twitter Files part 1 shows the social media platform’s internal exchange with the campaign team of US President Joe Biden during the 2020 US Elections. The expose reveals the inside story behind Twitter’s decision to censor the story around President Biden’s son Hunter’s laptop. Titled, “The Twitter Files, Part One: How and Why Twitter Blocked the Hunter Biden Laptop Story”, a series of tweets claimed that Twitter took “extraordinary steps” to suppress the story on Biden’s secret emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop published by New York Post in October 2020.

The company removed links to the story from the platform and discouraged users by posting warnings that the content may be “unsafe”. Twitter even blocked transmission via direct messages using a tool “hitherto reserved for extreme cases, e.g. child pornography”. It was further revealed that while the decision was made at the “highest levels of the company”, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey did not have knowledge. Twitter’s former head of legal, policy, and trust Vijaya Gadde played a key role, Taibbi added.

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