Vote Republican Because Democrats Hates You And America!

Vote Republican Full Ballot Because the Democrats Hate You and America! Look around and see all the damage the Democratic party has done to America since Joe Biden became president. The economy has been shot to hell and back because of their inept policies. Gas prices and Diesel Fuel shortages are because the Democrats Hate OIL. Just yesterday Joe Biden said there would be no more drilling for oil in America. He’s destroying our homeland crisis after crisis. Mark Levin had this to say on last night’s show!

What The Democratic Party Stands For and Why We Must VOTE Republican. Video credit, FoxNews/Rumble

Rember, the Democrat Party hates YOU and hates America as a whole. The Democrats are who caused all the suffering we’re experiencing. It’s past due time to take our homeland back by voting Republican because You love America! Don’t let them intimidate you. Vote with your country’s heart and soul in mind!

This video was from Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, source unknown. Google’s YouTube deleted it so many times and struck the creator’s accounts. I managed to download it and put it on my cloud server. Big Tech didn’t anyone to see it because it told the Truth about our country!

This Is Why America Elected Donald J Trump President. Lets Do It Again!

The New York Post reports: President Biden repeatedly said “no more drilling” and tripped onstage when he joined Gov. Kathy Hochul in Yonkers NY on Sunday in a last-ditch effort to help her try to stave off GOP challenger Lee Zeldin. “No more drilling,” Biden snapped at a climate protester who was heckling him. “There is no more drilling. I haven’t formed any new drilling,” Biden said. As stations are running out of Diesel Fuel in the Northeast. It’s why we must Vote Republican because we love America!

Two days before the midterm elections, Joe Biden clearly states he is for “no more [oil] drilling.

Biden just went to California and announced he will shut down coal plants all across America. You hear that, PA? Biden/Fetterman supporters. When you vote Democrat, this is what you get!

Now today the Biden White House is in damage-control mode. Jean-Pierre claims that Biden saying that he’s going to shut down coal plants “was twisted” and that “it was loud and hard to hear” Joe’s words were clear and loud. He said it and we heard it. The DemocRATS are lying and denying that he said it! 😡

Jean-Pierre claims that Biden saying that he’s going to shut down coal plants “was twisted” and that “it was loud and hard to hear”

So this is the real deal here! The MAGA Republicans are coming and we’re on a mission to lay down the framework in order to take back America in 2024. It’s imperative we vote Republican because we love our beautiful homeland. We need strong Republican governors like Ron DeSantis, state representatives, and senators to launch whatever investigations are necessary to get control over Congress and to stop out-of-control Democrats from spending money like drunken sailors on shore leave. That’s stage one. Stage two will be electing a strong Republican president in 2024. We can do this and the clock is ticking! 😎

I'm an original Floridian at 72 and still going. strong! I'm also a MAGA Republican and vocal Donald J. Trump supporter. Lets face the facts,, ,Joe and his corrupt three letter agencies have forgot about our constitution! There IS but one choice for America, that's 🇺🇸 MAGA! 🇺🇸 Our fearless leader will be expanding GITMO soon! ☒