Midterm Strategy Vote For Candidates Most Hated By The Media

Here’s my new midterm strategy if you are unsure who to vote for. Seems to me those Republican candidates the mainstream media hates the most are the ones to vote for. Democrats and their lamestream media partners who have absolutely nothing to run on are fearmongering and telling outright lies. But voters who are suffering due to Bidenflation and everything else are not falling for it this time!

Fox News host Jesse Watters calls out the Democratic Party with election day just four days away. Video credit, FoxNews/YouTube

Fox News reports: A new Media Research Center study of ABC, CBS, and NBC’s nightly newscasts found Republicans received much more negative coverage than Democrats heading into the midterm elections. The conservative media watchdog group highlighted how 87% of the networks’ coverage of the GOP was negative. The study took place between September 1 and October 26 and found coverage relating to President Biden made up just 16% of total campaign coverage. 

ABC, CBS, and NBC devoted a majority of their newscasts discussing abortion and allegations Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker encouraged two women to get an abortion. Coverage about the immigration crisis received the least amount of coverage at 5 minutes, and 36 seconds, according to the Media Research Center survey. Inflation and the economy had the third-lowest coverage time. 

These are not of concern to the Democratic Party. All they care about is power and will say/do anything to keep it at our expense!

Its no doubt Ron DeSantis will be kicking grifter Charlie Crists butt in 3 days. Crist was then in 2009 a Republican Florida governor who ran State Farm Insurance out of Florida for homeowners and renters policies. All Crist is campaigning on is Abortions and I will fix Florida. Reminds me of Jeb Bush.

Speaking of Florida my birth state 70 years ago. If Charlie Crist somehow manages to slime his way into the governor’s seat, he will be a Joe Biden rubber stamp. Crist will be signing a slew of executive orders, just like Joe Biden did on his first day in office. Crist will sign our Parental Rights in Education law out. The second signature will go to the ending of Florida’s Disney Ready Creak Exemption. Florida is an example of a well-run Republican state that takes Law And Order and its citizens and tourists seriously!

Midterm Strategy
Florida is a well-governed Republican state and intends to stay that way! Image credit, RNC Research

So, that’s my midterm strategy and two cents worth. If you’re unsure who to vote for, vote for the candidate in your state that’s had the most negative coverage by the lamestream media. Democrats are spending Billions to blackball and outright tell lies about their opponents. With 3 days until the big day to go, we can do this. Just to make it as simple as possible Just Vote RED Full Ballot! Good Luck! 😉

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