6 Days To Midterms Biden & Obama Are Wrongly Lying To Voters!

It’s 6 Days to the Midterms and Biden & Obama are wrongly lying to voters. The biggest lie they are telling is, Republicans will take Social Security away from retirees and others who desperately need that income. That right there is a really low blow that Biden, Obama, and other Dems are so desperate to win the midterms in 6 days that they are stooping this low. It’s intimidation tactics plain and simple! 😡

Newt Gingrich presses the importance of voter turnout for the Republicans to win midterms on Hannity. Video credit, FoxNews/YouTube

The Democrats lie all the time, throw the media into the mix, and start spewing the same lies. The liberals claim that Trump tells lies, when in fact the Democrat’s lies do not even come close. Now you can decide for yourself, are you going to stick to supporting a corrupt party? Or are you going to decide to put your country first? It is time to stop being a sheep, and stop following the herd by believing everything the media tells you. Biden and Obama are lying 6 days before the midterm elections. Do your own research!

Barack Obama is so desperate he resorts to lying about Republicans taking Social Security Away!

The Washington Examiner reports: It’s not hyperbole to say that Tuesday night’s Pennsylvania Senate debate may have saved the state and the country from another two years of liberal wreckage. Voters finally learned what the Democratic Party, the liberal media, campaign officials, John Fetterman’s doctor, and particularly his ambitious wife, Gisele, have been trying desperately to hide: Fetterman’s stroke earlier this year has rendered him unfit to perform the duties of a senator. Democrats are Lying as usual! 😡

Biden Obama Lying
Joe Biden campaigns in Florida stumping for Charlie Crist and Val Demings with lowering costs for Americans banner in the rear. Image credit, CNN.

For months, this group worked together to conceal the truth from voters, and they were prepared to do whatever was necessary to carry him over the finish line. Unfortunately for them, from the moment Fetterman uttered his first words during the debate “Hi. Good night, everybody” the jig was up. Knowing Fetterman was in no shape for a debate, his campaign tried desperately to avoid one. They saw nothing wrong with covering up a fact about their candidate’s fitness for office. And this is the absolute Truth!

President Biden made an appearance in Florida on Tuesday to lie about medicare and inflation. The Daily Caller editorial director Vince Coglianese says there`s no reason Biden should be campaigning in Florida other than to keep him occupied.

So, there y’all go. It’s really quite simple, do your own research! The Democratic Party is directly responsible for all the chaos America is presently going through. It’s my opinion the Dems stole the 2020 Election and are planning on stealing the midterms too. Early voting from the research that I’ve done suggests that early voting totals give corrupt democrats an idea of how many fraudulent ballots they will need to pull a “Joe Biden” on America again. So, It’s probably best if we vote in person on election day. My suggestion is to vote Republican full ballot, don’t worry about the Rinos, we’ll deal with them later!

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