MAGA Republican Americans Democracy Is About OUR Rights!

That’s right, MAGA Republican Americans Democracy Is about OUR Rights and Freedom. Joe’s speech last night made it perfectly clear that America must choose a political side. It’s not about left or right, it’s not about red vs blue. It’s about OUR Democracy and constitutional rights and freedoms. Isn’t it laughable that Donald Trump and his MAGA Movement live absolutely rent-free in Joe Biden and his socialist democrat’s minds? He must curse our fearless leader in his sleep nightly. Here are my thoughts! 😎

Fox News Reports: President Biden used the pretext of an official presidential address to deliver an “angry and rancid” campaign-style speech indicting the 73 million people who voted for Donald Trump as enemies of American democracy, Washington Times columnist Charlie Hurt told Fox News on Thursday. Biden declared, with U.S. Marines stationed behind him against a dark red-backlit Independence Hall that American citizens who support Trump “do not respect the Constitution” and may support violence to achieve political ends. Hurt said he had never seen a president take aim at about half the American people in what was billed as a presidential address, and therefore the official position of the executive branch of the United States government. The MAGA Movement is about Good vs Evil!

Joe Biden really has crossed over into a dangerous place. Video credit, MarkDice/YouTube

Tucker Carlson reacts to Biden’s speech: “Yeah, ‘they’re a threat,’ says the guy with the blood-red Nazi background and marines standing behind him. It’s a complete outrage. This is truly nuts and threatening the future of the United States is insane! It’s a power play to stay in power. And I’m sure most Americans are sick of the Democratic National Committee’s opinion of what their democracy stands for. Crime, Inflation, Food Shortage, Electric Cars, Money for Ukraine but none for our Veterans, yadda, yadda! 😥

MAGA Republican Americans Democracy
MAGA Republicans America is being threatened by the modern times Third Reich! Image credit, Twitter.

MAGA Republican Americans Democracy Is About OUR God Given RIGHTS and Freedom as they are spelled out in the Constitution of the United States. We are sick of their attacks and must peacefully make amends at the ballot box on November 8th. I’m voting RED full ballot In Person. This is step one in ridding America of the Cancer that’s destroying it from within. We WILL take the HOUSE and SENATE. Step Two will be to vote Joe Biden out in 2024 replacing him with our MAGA King Donald Trump!

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