FBI Seized Declassified Docs Preventing Trump From Using Them

It is alleged, that the FBI Seized declassified RussiaGate and other previously declassified documents during their Mar-a-Lago raid. It’s quite obvious that this declassified material could have been used against the Democrats in campaign ads. The President of the United States has the sole privilege and right to Declassify Anything that he chooses and did so publicly before leaving office in 2021!

Dan Bongino lays it out really well in today’s show! 😉

Proof That We’re Being Governed By Idiots (Ep. 1835) he Dan Bongino Show. Video credit, Bongino/Rumble

From Bongino.com: In this episode, I address the shocking new allegations of a massive FBI coverup. I also address hard-core proof that we’re being led by idiots. [If you’re not already following Dan I suggest doing so. He’s a former Secret Service Agent and NYC Police Officer. He has the right connections!]

FBI Seized Declassified
The so-called Classified documents the FBI Seized were already Declassified by Potus45 before leaving office. Image credit, NYP

Also of importance with the Midterm Elections coming up on Nov 8th!

The Gateway Pundit Reports: Joe Biden Enlists China-Owned TikTok to Partner with Federal Voting Assistance Program in 2022 Midterm Elections. It is well-known TikTok is owned by Beijing-based technology company ByteDance, which was founded in 2012 by Chinese billionaire Zhang Yiming. For this reason, President Trump announced he was going to ban TikTok. Trump wisely issued three Executive Orders banning American businesses from working with TikTok (or WeChat). President Trump did not allow any branch of the Federal government to use the CCP’s TikTok.

FBI Seized Declassified
TikTok’s internal mobile browser could be keylogging and data mining anything its user’s type. Image credit, Search Engine Journal

Joe Biden revoked President Trump’s TikTok Executive Orders in June of 2021. Even the head of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requested Apple and Google in June to remove TikTok from their app stores due to ‘serious national security threats posed by the said mobile app’.

TechCrunch reports: TikTok’s in-app browser could be keylogging, privacy analysis warns. That’s right it could be Keylogging anything you type into it. Most mobile apps have a built-in web browser for opening links in a new tab. This is more convenient than handing the link over to your smartphone’s default browser, Safari on an iPhone or Chrome on Android devices. This means the CCP could be mining your identity, passwords, credit card numbers, and who knows what else. Wisen up and dump TikTok!

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08/23/2022 1:55 AM

How can you claim that any election is important anymore when they have proven they can steal them at the drop of a hat and you will do absolutely NOTHING about it?

Doc's Websites
Doc's Websites
08/23/2022 8:09 AM
Reply to  ohPUHleeeze

I do believe the changing of the guard will bring on positive changes!