Donald Trump CPAC 2022 Orlando FL Full Speech Instant HD Replay

Donald Trump CPAC 2022 set the stage for the Republican takeover of the House and Senate to come to the 2022 Midterm elections in November. Our fearless leader was on fire last night hitting on America’s most important topics. This was undoubtedly the best speech Trump ever made. The Conservative Political Action Conference is the largest and most influential gathering of conservatives in the world. Launched in 1974, CPAC brings together hundreds of conservative organizations, thousands of activists, millions of viewers, and the best and brightest leaders in the world.

Donald J. Trump’s best full speech ever from CPAC 2022 Orlando FL. Video credit, RSBN/Rumble.

Potus45 Former President Donald Trump CPAC 2022 repeatedly signaled to attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, that he was running again during his speech Saturday night. We did it twice. And we’ll do it again, he boasted at one point. Trump also referred to his wife Melania as the future first lady and referred to a nebulous agenda “we” would pursue once Republicans reclaim power. We are a long way from being done, he told those packed into a ballroom at the Rosen Shingle Creek golf resort, as the crowd cheered the former Potus45 on. 

Former Potus45 did an excellent job delivering the SOTU address at CPAC 2022. Credit, Dan Scavino/Twitter.

Along the way, Trump praised scandal-plagued GOP Reps. Matt Gaetz of Florida, and Marjorie Taylor of Greene of Georgia. Trump also gave shout-outs to GOP Sens. Rick Scott of Florida, Bill Hagerty of Tennessee, and John Kennedy of Louisiana, all of whom spent part of the weekend making MAGA-friendly speeches at CPAC.  The CPAC crowd, delighted to have him back in their element, enjoyed his performance. They booed loudly when Trump brought up McConnell. They chanted Lock her up! when Trump mentioned 2016 Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton.  And the whole room cheered  U-S-A! after Trump dropped the I stand as the only president of the 21st century on whose watch Russia did not invade another country line about the war unfolding, as brave Ukrainians defend their homeland!

Donald Trump CPAC 2022
Donald Trump speaks his mind about the current admin’s poor leadership at CPAC 2022. Image credit, Image credit, New York Post.

Former President Trump bashed President Biden for the nation’s high inflation rates and gas prices and blamed him for Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, which he called an outrage and an atrocity. Echoing much-criticized comments from earlier in the week when he praised Russian President Vladimir Putin’s intelligence, Trump reiterated that he thought the autocrat smart. The real problem is that our leaders are dumb, Trump said, adding that the Russian leader is playing Biden like a drum, and it’s not a pretty thing to watch. Trump also lauded Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who has drawn international praise for standing up to Russian aggression. The ex-president called the Ukrainian leader a great man. as Reported by Yahoo News.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis full speech at CPAC 2022. Credit, RSBN/Twitter.

We are praying for the proud people of Ukraine, said Trump, who in 2019 sought to pressure Zelensky to dig up political dirt on Biden in exchange for badly needed military aid, an incident that led to Trump’s first false impeachment. Trump’s speech in Orlando, Fla., at the Conservative Political Action Conference, known as CPAC, provided clues about how he would approach campaigning for the 2024 Republican nomination if he chooses to run, and whether he continues to maintain his grip on the Republican Party’s most ardent supporters. The former Potus45’s 90-minute address, which was frequently interrupted by applause from an audience decked out in red MAGA gear, was filled with his typical laundry list of grievances, including false claims that the 2020 election had been stolen. He praised the truckers who blocked many streets in Canada’s capital in protest of vaccine mandates.

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