Reparations Should Be Paid By MSM & Big Tech For Hiding The TRUTH!

Reparations are owed to American’s by Mainstream Media and Big Tech who hid Potus46’s cognitive decline and other issues we as U.S. Voters should have known about. Rivers of dirty money laundered by Joe’s son Hunter from China, Russia, and Ukraine, with the “big guy” taking his ten percent cut. Hunter’s laptop from hell in which big-tech censored the New York Posts Exceptional Journalism. As we suffer from all that’s went bad since Joe took office, I believe the media owes us an apology at the very least. Democrats talk about Paying Reparations. So, we should receive Reparations from those who lied and hid the truth in order to successfully push “their candidate” over the finish line! 😎

America's Nightmare
The good Internet doctor back before the net’s rollout in 1981 with a pager and a pocket full of change, Image credit, Me!

I must admit I suck at blogging. I’m more of a tech guru than a blogger, and at times find it hard to put what my brain is thinking into words. But regardless since 2013, I’ve amassed many posts and a slew of archives, not counting my news vlog’s media archive. The greatest majority of this website is support for Donald J. Trump Potus45. We, I use the term we, for other bloggers besides myself who tried to warn America about Joe Biden during the campaign. Google buried my domain deep in their index and today regardless of my good SEO I’m still buried in their index. In fact, I no longer submit articles to their search console. Bing who feeds DuckDuckGo is fair. And Whatfinger link exchange is great!

Reparations for Ben? Another great cartoon by Ben Garrison whose Truth in politics got him banned from social media!

The more I think about Reparations and how big tech and mainstream media pushed for us citizens to pay Illegals the Democrats claim that entered our country illegally and were poorly treated are owed thousand’s of dollars in Reparations. So what about us “We the People” who were treated poorly by mainstream media’s lies and untruths pushing the Democrats narrative. And big tech giants such as Facebook and Twitter should be paying US Reparations for the harm they caused us. I know Facebook has put me through absolute hell posting this site’s articles to my FidoSysop page in support of MY President. I think Zuck owes me Reparations for all the mental anguish he has put me through. He recently locked my page and demanded a photo of my driver’s license to regain access!

Another fantastic cartoon by Ben Garrison as big tech and mainstream media should pay Reparations for the damage they did!

That’s my two cents worth, as I’ve been known to say from time to time. We as legally qualified voting U.S. Citizens were sold a bill of goods by mainstream media and the big tech who used censorship, search algorithm manipulation, and smear campaigns to silence Conservatives, Republicans, and Trump Supporters while they pushed “Their Cantadate” over the finish line. With the hell they put us and our country through, Reparations are in order for all the stress and mental anguish they caused!

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