What Is The Current Status Of Donald Trump Big Tech Lawsuit?

What is the current status of Donald Trump big tech lawsuit? Our fearless leader shook up cyberspace when he filed his class-action lawsuit last July 7th. It was amended to include 65,000 censorship stories submitted to AFPI on July 30th 21. Now a page link to AFPI in Newsmax’s article is returning a 404 not found error. I’m one of the claimants in this lawsuit and have solid documentation of what I call Facebook cyber terrorism against anyone that supports Trump. They have put me through hell sharing pro-Trump blogged articles to my FidoSysop page. Newsmax reported DOJ Merrick Garland intervened in the lawsuit on 11/22/21, but nothing since then.

trump big tech lawsuit
Donald Trump announces his class-action lawsuit filing against big tech. Image credit Politico.

USA Today reported on 11/22/21: The Justice Department intervened in former President Donald Trump lawsuit against big tech to defend the constitutionality of Section 230, an internet communications law, according to court filings. The federal intervention holds that the government has an “unconditional right to intervene to defend the statute,” as it is always allowed in cases in which a law’s constitutionality is at issue.

Section 230 is a subsection of the 1996 Communications and Decency Act that undergirds much of how social media operates in the U.S. The policy holds that websites are not liable for the content posted to their platforms, a principle that fueled the rise of modern social media. The principle has come under scrutiny in recent years amid growing criticism of the technology industry across the political spectrum. Conservative activists and politicians hold that Section 230 unfairly shields social media platforms from culpability in cases when they moderate the content. That leads to claims of censorship from conservatives. On the campaign trail, President Joe Biden said Section 230 should be “immediately revoked” because platforms like Facebook spread falsehoods they know to be false.

trumps big tech lawsuit
DOJ Merrick Garland is a liberal swamp rat who sicked the FBI on upset school board protesting parents. Image credit, ABC News.

That’s all I know. But whatever Merrick Garland is involved it spells trouble for conservatives and Trump supporters. He is one of Joe’s worst swamp rats that does not believe in law and order. I’m guessing Donald’s big tech lawsuit is still active. Though moving the suit to liberal-controlled California could wind up being a disaster for us. What are your thoughts? Comment below 😉

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