Are New Covid Variants Hyped By Mainstream Media, Propaganda?

This morning the mainstream media is hyping the new covid variants Omicron. From what I’ve heard nobody has died from it yet. And those who have been infected with this so-called, new and improved variant have not gotten really sick. Yet our woke president in name only (PINO) is said to be airing a live message to America, presumingly interrupting regularly scheduled programs! 🙄

This study adds potential to upend what we know about COVID-19 vaccine spike protein, including where they end up in human cells. Findings hint at major disruptions in the cell’s DNA repair mechanisms. Video credit, Highwire/Rumble.

After watching the above video about a study on vaccine sike proteins, and where they end up in human cells, it sounded credible to me. Something was saying inside my head, don’t share this on my FidoSysop Facebook page, but I hadn’t been slapped by the Facebook police in a while, and ended up getting smacked silly once again. It makes no difference whether Zuck changes his social media network to or not. It’s still the same old Facebook with their leftist-loving police running ops for the DNC. Let people view the offered content and draw their own conclusions!

Facebook (meta) fact-checkers running a leftist narrative. Image credit, FidoSysop screenshot.
Facebook (meta) fact-checkers running a leftist narrative. Image credit, FidoSysop screenshot.
covid propoganda
Facebook (meta) fact-checkers running a leftist narrative. Image credit, FidoSysop screenshot.

So with this being said, just who is cooking up these new covid variants? I’m not a doctor or a scientist, but find it very suspicious with the Omicron covid-19 variant that was just found. It’s also very interesting this new variant popped up in the middle of the Delta variant’s big Biden Administration vaccine mandate push. We know that the not-so-good Dr. Anthony Fauci is up to his balls in the covid-19 gain of function research dirty laundry. Fauci is now accused of abusing dogs.

New covid researchers in a lab somewhere in Asia. Image credit, SoHo.
Researchers in a lab somewhere in Asia. Image credit, SoHo.

The New York Post reports: Dr. Anthony Fauci should face charges if his National Institutes of Health division continues to fund a lab that tortures and kills dozens of beagle puppies for twisted scientific experiments, a rescue organization said. In a letter Wednesday to Fauci, the Beagle Freedom Project demanded that he and the agency stop funding the “cruel” tests in which the dogs are allegedly injected with disease-causing parasites. Bearing witness to what you and your organization do to these animals is nothing short of criminal. It is time to end, the world is watching, president and founder Shannon Keith wrote. If it does not end immediately, Beagle Freedom Project will make sure it becomes criminal and those who perpetrate it will be punished by law.

fauci emails
Is the covid-19 pandemic the biggest fraud ever played on the world?

It’s evident from the post’s article that Fauci and associates are still experimenting using gain-of-function research, and have changed their guinea-pig’s from Bats to Dogs. Is this new covid variant that’s being hyped by mainstream media something the not-so-good Dr. Fauci cooked up? What it would be like to be a fly on Fauci’s wall, the man can’t be trusted, yet he’s a star on NBC News!

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