Kamala Harris “Working On Her Image” Hires Actors To Film NASA Video

Kamala Harris who is ‘desperately trying to improve her horrible public image’ hires teen actors to produce this short movie promoting Space Exploration. The video featuring Harris, Trevor Bernardino, and co-stars Derrick Brooks II, Emily Kim, Zhoriel Tapo, and Sydney Schmooke was shot Aug. 11 through 13 at the US Naval Observatory in Washington, where the VP’s residence is located. During the same time, the Taliban was in the midst of its final offensive in Afghanistan and thousands of illegal immigrants were being allowed entry at the US-Mexico border! 🙁

In honor of World Space Week, we’re visiting the Naval Observatory in Washington to talk to Vice President Kamala Harris about the National Space Council. We also hear from astronaut Shane Kimbrough, who joins us from the International Space Station.

KSBW News-8 reports: A Monterey CA teen actor is featured in a new YouTube kids’ Special about space and science. The YouTube Original special, “Get Curious With Vice President Kamala Harris,” was released during World Space Week. The short aims to get children interested in space. NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough joins via Zoom from the International Space Station. Vice President Kamala Harris teams up in the special. The special featured five teens from across the country.

Kamala Harris wanted at the border poster
Where’s Kamala Harris? She’s definitely not at the border, as this missing poster depicts. Image credit, Creators.com.

Washington Examiner reports: Vice President Kamala Harris was already being heckled for her ultra-effusive appearance in a YouTube children’s video about NASA, and then word spread Monday that the kids involved were child actors. The YouTube Originals Kids & Family episode posted Thursday features Ms. Harris gushing about outer space and offering life advice in a conversation with five exceptionally poised and well-spoken young teens at the White House.

“You guys are going to see, you’re going to literally see the craters on the moon with your own eyes! With your own eyes!” said Ms. Harris, pointing to her eyes. “I’m telling you, it is going to be unbelievable. So that’s one of the things we can do here, too, which makes it so exciting.”

Meanwhile, as Kamala Harris desperately tries to improve her rotten reputation, store shelves are nearly empty. Last night at Walmart there was NO Kitty Litter in stock. If you can find what you’re looking for, its price has nearly doubled in the Nine Months this BIMBO has been in office! 🙁

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