FL Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Senate Bill 7072 Into Law

Florida’s new senate bill 7072 anti-political bias censorship law has teeth. Big tech is hereby notified that the state of Florida will no longer tolerate its citizens being shadowbanned by social media. This also applies to the gatekeeper of the Internet, Google who buries websites like this in their search indexes. Floridians will be flocking to join class-action lawsuits. Including Donald J. Trump!

FL Gov. Ron DeSantis signs senate bill 7072 anti-political bias censorship bill into law.

This blog post is hereby giving notice to big-tech, Facebook, and the self-proclaimed gatekeeper of the Internet, Google, to release the block they have on this website. I’m really not the kind of person to join a class-action lawsuit. But if Google does not remove me and my websites from their bad publisher list, I will file suit. This domain has many examples of big-tech political bias censorship!

Take the time to view this narrated screen video and see actual proof of Google search console manipulation of the keyword Trump. It’s alarming how Google’s algorithm rates negative Trump keywords as positive in their index. While at the same time positive keywords and key phrases for Trump Rally, for instance, are buried so deep it takes a bot to find. This is a problem because Google hates Donald Trump!

From ClickOrlando.com: Gov. Ron DeSantis signs Senate Bill 7072 into law. A new law in Florida designed to power check Silicon Valley requires technology companies to explain their processes when censoring social media posts and gives Floridians the recourse to seek legal action against platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Presenters at the event lambasted social media companies for censoring posts with conspiracy theories, comparing “Big Tech” to the authoritarian regime of Venezuela. Former President Donald Trump was kicked off Twitter and Facebook for repeatedly posting false information about election fraud. DeSantis said the bill is for “everyday Floridians,” which now includes Trump, who lives in South Florida.

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