Trump Rally Lexington KY 11/04/19 Instant HD Replay

Trump Rally Lexington KY was huge as our president stumped for Gov. Matt Bevin (R) at the election-eve rally. The Schiff / Pelosi Impeachment Coup was another subject. While endorsing Matt Bevin, president Trump ripped into Democrats and the media, drawing loud cheers from his supporters, a number of whom were wearing T-shirts that said, “Read the transcript!”

Addressing the packed arena, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY.) claimed on Monday night that he knows the identity of the whistleblower whose complaint is at the center of the impeachment coup. Rand Paul delivered a pointed message to the media. “Do your job and print his name!” the senator yelled, prompting the crowd to chant, “Do your job!”

It’s a day that many have prepared for. Thousands of supporters and protesters have gathered outside Rupp Arena for tonight’s President Trump Keep America Great Lexington Rally. People at the rally said it’s a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to attend the President’s rally. This all means hundreds and hundreds of vehicles on the road. Traffic was backed up and roads were shut down, but none of that discouraged some of Trump’s biggest fans, saying they would have walked if need be.

This lady claims she was attacked by Antifa and the police did nothing! 😡

Tonight’s Keep America Great Trump Rally Lexington was held in the Rupp Arena. America wishes Gov. Matt Bevin the win in Today’s election. The arena holds 23,500 people.

trump rally lexington
Trump supporters wore white t-shirts saying “read the transcript” in red letters, at yesterdays Trump rally in Lexington KY

Friends we must vote this bad element out in 2020. We must retake the House of Representatives to prevent the abuse that’s happening now. Not only dirty democrats should be voted out. RINO’s (republican in name only) such as Mitt ‘Mittens’ Romney should be voted out as well. If President Trump is defeated in 2020 our country will be torn to shreds. Socialism will put an end to America as we know it. Vote Republican to KAG2020!

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