Trump Rally Lake Charles LA 10/11/19 Instant Replay

President Trump Lake Charles LA Rally had the crowd cheering last night. This was the president’s 2nd back to back rally in two days. Trump was down on the Louisiana Bayou rallying for Republican gubernatorial candidates, U.S. Rep. Ralph Abraham and Eddie Rispone. 🙂

President Trump took shots at House Democrats. Notably, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, calling them scammers and con-artists. 😆 The president said they couldn’t beat him at the ballot box, that’s why they are running their Illegal kangaroo court Impeachment.

A more touching Trump Rally Lake Charles LA moment was when president Trump called the Little League world champion Eastbank All Stars baseball team, up on the stage. He is especially good at touching Americas hearts. Earlier after the East Lake team had visited the White House, Trump invited the entire team to fly to his Louisiana rally aboard Air Force One. How cool is that? Just another reason why America Loves Donald J. Trump!

President Trump celebrated a trade deal announced Friday with China. The deal includes an agreement to prevent intellectual property theft and for China to buy $40 billion to $50 billion of U.S. agricultural goods. Trump called it a great deal that he forged, pushing his administration to go further. My people wanted to stop at $20 billion, he said, but I said no. He said he pushed for the deal to help farmers, I love my farmers.

President Trump, ripped Democrats for supporting open borders, says Mexico has done more for a secure border than Democrats. He points out that every Democrat at one debate raised their hands for giving free health care to illegal immigrants. Trump says no wonder illegal immigrants want to come to America after hearing things like that.

The crowd was already gathering outside the James E. Sudduth Coliseum for President Trump Rally Lake Charles LA last night. There’s nothing BETTER than a Trump Rally!

Donald J. Trump has got to be an Angel sent from Heaven to clean up the D.C. Swamp. Our president is such a “good guy” who loves ALL AMERICANS! Though the sewer rats in D.C. and their media partners tell the public the opposite. Lets vote em ALL OUT! 😉

trump rally lake charles la
Trump fans in Lake Charles LA “the ragin cajuns”welcome the president to Louisiana in classic southern style

Lets give President Trump FOUR MORE YEARS to finish Draining The D.C. Swamp!

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