Tears Flow After Broward Election Manipulation Fails

Today begins Broward County’s “Hand Ballot Recount” after Brenda Snipes failed to upload her tally by 3:00PM. Broward’s machine recount produced 779 additional Rick Scott Votes. 😆 Andrew Gillum only gained a SINGLE (1) Vote. The media is questioning yesterdays machine tally for Snipes missed deadline , which under state law the original tally takes precedence, until Sunday’s hand recount is known.

Broward Recount
Broward County election workers run machine recount that added 779 votes for Rick Scott, but only give Andrew Gillum 1 additional vote.

Florida governor’s race, Republican candidate Ron DeSantis holds a sizable 33,683-vote lead over Democrat Andrew Gillum following the machine recount, a 0.41-percentage point margin high enough under state law to avoid a mandatory manual recount that triggers when a race is within 0.25 percentage points. Andrew Gillum, who gained only 1 vote on Ron DeSantis in the recount, still has not conceded in the race. Pulling at straws huh?

In layman’s terms that means no hand recount in the Florida Governors Race, It’s over!

It also means:

  • No 40% Florida Tax Increase!

  • No Florida State Income Tax!

  • Florida Police will be supported!

  • Florida teachers wouldn’t be paid $50K year. Gillum lied (see video below!)

Andrew Gillum refuses to concede after machine recount gave him 1 additional vote.

What part of You Lost don’t Andrew Gillum get? He Sounds like Crooked Hillary, that to this day is still whining about Losing to Donald Trump!

Maybe if Andrew Gillum had run an honest campaign, and not made promises he knew he couldn’t keep. Maybe if he supported our Police, instead of supporting an activist group (dream defenders) possibly he would have won. And lets not forget the hate Trump media that did not report on his alleged FBI Corruption Investigation, HE STILL LOST! 🙄

Yes, Omar Smith. Fairy-tales still begin with “Once upon a time” to us Florida Crackers!

So Rick Scott Lost his +779 Recount Votes Because Brenda Snipes Missed Her Recount Deadline by 2 Min. Tell me that don’t stink like a South Florida Bordello at low tide! 😆

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