BBS Telnet Access Closed Due To Penetration Attempts

BBS Telnet Probing

BBS Telnet Access is Temporarily Closed due to Brute Force Penetration Attempts. 09/21/16 see resolution update posted below. Someone has been brute force attacking the BBS via port 23 – Telnet. Unfortunately for the time being we were forced to close Wildcat’s telnet port shutting off anyone trying to connect to the bbs via this method. Wildcat 5 BBS software was way advanced in its day and is highly configurable. The ability to change ports on the web http side was also an advance feature, but unfortunately the only Telnet…

Bulletin Board System (BBS) Video Telnet Tour

bbs telnet tour video

Fidonet BBS Telnet Tour Video. See how we connected by dial up modem to send messages worldwide before the net went public. Take a trip back in time to see how we communicated long before the internet became mainstream. Back to the days when we thought 56k Modems were FAST! Doc’s Place BBS offers the complete Fidonet Messaging Backbone. Surf on in with your favorite web browser and read and reply to messages online, or download a QWK packet and read and reply offline to the messages. Or to see…

BBS Documentary Video Series – Part 8

No Carrier wishes a fond farewell to the dial-up BBS and its integration into the Internet. Many of these old BBSes are still online today for future generations to experience. Part 1, Part-2, Part-3, Part-4, Part-5, Part-6, Part-7, Part-8.

BBS Documentary Video Series – Part 7

Compression tells the story of the PKWARE/SEA legal battle of the late 1980s and how a fight that broke out over something as simple as data compression resulted in waylaid lives and lost opportunity. Part 1, Part-2, Part-3, Part-4, Part-5, Part-6, Part-7, Part-8.

BBS Documentary Video Series – Part 6

HPAC (Hacking Phreaking Anarchy Cracking) hears from some of the users of “underground” BBSes and their unique view of the world of information and computers. Part 1, Part-2, Part-3, Part-4, Part-5, Part-6, Part-7, Part-8.

BBS Documentary Video Series – Part 5

Artscene tells the rarely-heard history of the ANSI Art Scene that thrived in the BBS world, where art was currency and battles waged over nothing more than pure talent. Part 1, Part-2, Part-3, Part-4, Part-5, Part-6, Part-7, Part-8.

BBS Documentary Video Series – Part 1

fidosysop bbs documentary

Bulletin Board System Video Tour Documentary – Parts 1 to 8 Watch this educational early computer Bulletin Board System (BBS) Video series to learn how personal communications began over 30 years ago. Many of those old BBS systems are still online today via the net. Doc’s Place BBS is the longest running Wildcat BBS in America! Part 1, Part-2, Part-3, Part-4, Part-5, Part-6, Part-7, Part-8. Baud introduces the story of the beginning of the Computer Bulletin Board System (BBS.) This documentary video includes interviews with Ward Christensen and Randy Suess,…

Doc’s Place BBS Online Fidonet Since 1991

Fidonet Internet BBS Screen Capture Sysops View

Celebrating over TWO Decades Of Fidonet Bulletin Board System Access! Back before the Internet was available to the general public there were computer bulletin board systems (BBS.) To access a BBS callers used a modem and terminal program to dial up and exchange messages. Doc’s hobby for the last 26 years had been computing and communicating online. He started Doc’s Place BBS Online as a community bulletin board system providing auto repair advice to consumers in 1991. Click the Wildcat Logo to your left to access the BBS which is…

Protect Yourself The Crap’s Fixing To Hit The Fan!

Protect Yourself

Protect yourself when the crap hits the fan because if my predictions come true, nobody will be coming to save any of us! Our President is Selling Out America. Who gives the Hamas (the enemy) $$$ for attacking Israel? It’s also my opinion that Pino Joe is being extorted by the countries that were stuffing Hunter Biden’s pockets full of cash! America’s southern border has been wide open since shortly after Potus46 took office. As the news reported on the thousands of migrants who entered America illegally, I thought about…

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Doc's Place BBS Online

Greetings Y’all, welcome to my new 52FLC.ORG domain replacing the shadow-banned which was registered in 1998 for Doc’s Place Fidonet BBS Onlne. “The 52 is the year I was born. FL is for Florida. And the C stands for Cracker, being I’m a lifelong Floridian“. Having a top-level domain was a perfect all-protocol access point to my BBS in the early days of the web. Sadly the BBS was retired in 06/23 due to my living arrangements when my latest love left me homeless. But all my life when…

Trump Save America Rally Mesa AZ 10/09/22 Instant Replay

Rally Mesa AZ 10/09/22

Trump Save America Rally Mesa AZ 10/09/22 instant replay. Guest speakers and Trump-endorsed candidates such as Blake Masters, Kari Lake, and Mark Finchem took the stage prior to the former president’s speech. Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem told the crowd, We’re engaged in an epic fight, a fight that was prophesied, we fight the far left radical fringe, we fight against a godless agenda that seeks to destroy our Judeo-Christian ethic favoring the satanic destruction of our families our communities our children our churches and ultimately our united Judeo-Christian…