Beware Of Salt Water Damaged Autos For Sale

Salt Water Damaged Taxi Cabs In NYC
Salt Water Damaged Taxi Cabs In NYC

With the salt water flooding in NYC and NJ, among other areas. Beware of real low prices on cars for sale.

You can just bet that a number of the waterlogged older cars, that were not covered with comprehensive insurance, will wind up for sale on the net!

It’s a buyers responsibility to have a vehicle checked out by a qualified mechanic before purchasing. If you can’t inspect a vehicle yourself, or don’t want to hire an inspection company to check it out for you, you might not be happy with what you receive!

Fresh water is not that bad if a car is gutted and dried out right after getting wet. But corrosive salt water will attack the cars wiring. With battery power flowing through an autos electronics and wiring (even if the key is off) major damage has been done. After being dried out a salt water damaged car might run today, but as electrolysis begins, copper wiring turns black and then into a green powdered substance.

A salt water immersed car is total junk, and should go strait to the salvage yard. Just remember if you are vehicle shopping on the net, It’s your responsibility to inspect it before purchasing.

As always i always suggest inspecting the car in person, or hiring a qualified mechanic to do it for you. I also suggest purchasing a CarFax Report on a car you plan on purchasing. But remember, CarFax is nothing but a guide to a vehicles registration, usage, location,  and possible service and damage history.

Also be advised a lot of older cars that had no comprehensive insurance coverage will probably not be listed on a CarFax or other history report. No insurance payoff = no report to DMV the car sustained damage.

Read my Internet Car Buying Tips to learn how to buy a car on the net and come out a winner!

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