What Happened To America I Love & Grew Up In

What happened to the America I Love? I’m a 71-year-old Florida Cracker from St. Petersburg born in 1952. I’m also a formerly used car dealer (trust me) and ASE cert technician turned internet hobbyist and self-educated webmaster, defending my country and stumping for Donald Trump. It’s a crying shame what Joe Biden and his cohorts have done to our homeland. Donald Trump is the only candidate that can fix the damage the Democrats have done!

What Happened To The America I I Love and Grew Up In?

Mark Levin talked about the Democrats and their party’s Marxism. The teacher’s Union is behind the indoctrination of your children 👧 start your mornings with Fox$Friends for the truth about what’s going on in Today’s America 🇺🇸

The good Internet Doctor is still online! The last three months have been really rough. I’ve been in two hospitals, one of them three times. Been in and I am still in one of the three now. It all started with a fall I had at Church on May 14th 23. They were having a blood drive and I climbed aboard the coach and started climbing the stairs. The next thing I remember is falling backward. I tumbled down the stairs landing hard on my left side in the church parking lot. I broke two ribs and did a number on my left leg. But I’m still having falls and nobody knows why! 🙁

More will be added to this page soon. In the meantime, have a look at the above video. I’m sure you’ll not be bored. Also, check out my MAGA Rallies instant replays.

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