Why Did God Deal Me This Crippling Blow?

On Sunday morning, May 14, 2023, I went to a local church, something I have done many times. My relationship with my latest love was on the way out, along with me, since I lived in her home. When I got to church, a big blood collection bus was parked in front of the chapel. They were having a blood drive that Sunday. As I listened to the sermon, it was brought to my mind that not even once had I donated my blood and took it as a sign from my heavenly father that I should do it that day.

Documentation of my bruises and cuts after the bloodmobile fall -5/14/23

When the service was over, I walked to the bus. A table was set up, but nobody was there. The rear door was open, and a staircase was in place, so I climbed into the bloodmobile. Once I was inside, nobody was present, but I heard voices coming from the upper area of the couch. There were two more steps to walk up to reach that area where a man was lying on a couch-like thing and had a tube in his arm. I then started up the stairs and was on the first step when I felt myself falling I tumbled down on my back and wound up landing hard outside the bloodmobile on my left side. Prople came running from the chapel and helped me up.

After leaving the church and driving home I decided to take a nap. But when I lay on my left side, there was a sharp pain in my chest. I must have fallen asleep and woke up around 2{00 AM. Needing to use the bathroom, I slid out of bed, but my legs would not hold me up, and I slid down next to the bed. I ended up calling 911, and paramedics transported me to Oak Hill Hospital. That was my Rehab From Hell experience for the rest of the year.

I had one of the best Medicare supplement insurance policies on the market. The rest of 2023 was a nightmare of Rehabs and ER visits. I spent 28 days in the first rehab and was released as good to go. From there, I got in my car and headed toward Bradenton to visit a Thailand Church my deceased former girlfriend from Bangkok helped start.I was at this time homeless, and knowing Thai people were kind-hearted, I was hoping one of them would take me into their home as I figured out my next step forward would be, as my former gf had sold everything I owned but my clothes that were stuffed onto three large leaf bags.

As I headed south toward Bradenton, I needed to use the bathroom, and I stopped at the Sunshine Skyway Memorial Park. I was walking up the stairs and entering a stall. It was hot and humid that summer day, and when I tried getting off the pot, I had a difficult time getting up and wound up falling because my legs would not hold me up. I fell again, striking the stall wall. J couldn’t get up and started calling for help. Paramedics came and checked my vitals and said my blood pressure was critically low and wanted to transport me to the ER. So here I go to Bayfront ER in St. Petersburg.

When I reached Bayfront Hospital, they drew blood and said my blood pressure had come back up to normal. As I lay in the stall, waiting on the blood work results, I asked myself, why me, God? I do not smoke or drink, nor do I do any illegal substances. The doctor who was evaluating my condition came in and said I had Stage 3 kidney disease, and he wanted to admit me. All I now owned was in my car park at the Sunshine Skyway Memorial, and they would surely tow it soon. Bayfront ER called me a cab on their dime. Very thoughtful of them. I spent the night in my car.

The following day, I woke up around dawn and headed to my car trunk to get a water bottle. Stepping outside my car, I stood in one spot for a minute or two before walking to the back. However, my legs felt weak, and I feared that if I tried walking, I’d fall again. So, I started the drive back to Brooksville and Oak Hill Hospital. At the ER, they evaluated my condition. Soon a doctor came back and said I tested positive for Covid-19. Turned out I got it from my roommate at Spring Hill Rehab, now Aspire Spring Hill. My roommate was coughing a lot, and I began coughing, too. So I spent, I believe, five days in the COVID-exposed person’s room. I was given more rehab time, so much so that my MCP plan cut them off. They had me file an appeal, and I was granted an extension. However, my left leg could not hold my weight up. The staff said I needed more rehab, but my insurer would not approve more rehab time. So, they had me switch to their insurance provider. They filed it for me, and I just signed the paperwork. It’s been roughly six months, and I’m working out in the gym and lodt nearly 100 pounds, knowing I was too heavy at 300+ pounds at 71 years old. My last girlfriend was a good cook. On top of that, my dad’s nickname was Fats; everyone in his family was fat. I’m doing better on my weight at 231 last week.

I know I have to do my part to regain my walkability, but I’m still falling because my left leg cannot support my weight. After my then supposedly final rehab session, they said I was healed well and good to go. So, once again, I began my Bradington drive to visit my Thai church friends. I got into Bradenton around 9:30 AM and decided to stop at a McDonald’s to get a leak. Getting out of my car, I stood there for a minute or two, then started my walk, but as soon as I put some weight on that left leg, it collapsed, dumping me on the pavement. Paramedics were called and wanted to take me to an ER, but I explained my situation and said I would drive back to Oak Hill Hospital in Brookville and check into the ER then.

Today is May 13th, and tomorrow is the 14th, the anniversary of my bloodmobile fall. I am in another SNF where I now live. Social Security cut off my monthly benefit since I live in a medical facility. Meanwhile, the experts are now thinking my left hip, which was replaced in 2010, could be damaged. So, in a year’s time, I’ve probably had six months of rehab and still can not walk. But I’m sure they have been milking my Medicare and UHC supplement insurance for every dime they can get.

I had an MRI of the left artificial hip on May 8th, but someone at Aspire Brooksville dropped the ball and failed to schedule my transportation. Now, it’s scheduled for June 1st. In the meantime, I have no idea what’s causing me to fall. A few days ago, I stood next to my bed and leaned slightly to the left, and down I went on the bed. So, I bet the Profesus was damaged in the fall. And, of course, Aspire Brooksville is collecting their rent, and the food just plain sucks. I had a piece of chicken that looked like roadkill and needed a chainsaw to cut it up. Get a piece of pork, but no knife to cut it up with. Oh, we’re sorry, but we have a shortage of knives. Sheesh only at Aspire Brooksville 😆