Something Of MAGA Proportion Is Coming Soon!

The record breaking attendance of Donald Trumps Wildwood NJ MAGA rally showed the whole world that WE The People are fed up with the Democratic Party and ole Poopy Pants Joe Biden screwing America up.

A NEW King 👑 is coming on 11/06/24 that will deport all of poopy pants illegals and turn Amarica into the most powerful nation in the world!

His Name Is Donald J. Trump a man that loves America and all of us!

God please protect our fearless leader throughtout his four year term, so he can MAGA America Again!

Ed Koon AKA FidoSysop. Self-proclaimed Hobbiest webmaster and MAGA Promoter!


🇺🇸 MAGA 2024 TOO BIG TORIG! 🇺🇸