I No Longer Watch TV!

It’s been nearly one year since I’ve watched TV 📺

I have Rumble on both my iPhone and iPad that I can stream just about anything, but my new favorite is Accuradio.com which has filled my empty TV void with a mix of classic 60s light rock and classic country music. The ipad will stream the music for about 3 days with its display off.

Just trying to make thr most out of this unfortunate situation.

But it’s just my luck which has never been all that grate to begin with.

Why did this happen to me? Lord you know I have been a good person, always being helpful to others.

All I did was trying to do a good deed after church that was a year ago. While attempting to donate my blood at a local church but fell out of the bloodmobile causing so far undiagnosed injuries that has confined Me to a wheelchair.

The lord has been good to me allowing me to reach 72 years old. My life has been a struggle but I’m looking at my limited options and will soon make arrangements for whatever my final destinity will be🙏