Nasty Nancy Pelosi Blames Pandemic Job Loss On Trump

Ole Hag, Nasty Nancy Pelosi Lamblsted, a reporter who reminded her that the COVID-19 pandemic caused the big job loss, not President Donald Trump! That old douche has to be the nastiest politician in DC. She and bat-ship-crazy Maxine Waters are two excellent reasons for Term Limits!

Nancy Pelosi angrily snaps at reporter and labels her a Trump apologist

Another thing I noticed about Nancy Pelosi and even Maxine Waters was that years ago, they both wore smiles. The older they got, the more sourpuss their scowls got; here are a few examples of them at their worst. Is fighting to stay in power that devastating? Another Dem that’s worn his welcome out is ole Chuck Schumer! TERM LIMITS ASAP!t

Never, have I ever, seen a man such as this. Oh how I love your strength and concern for us. Oh how we love you sir and your family is our greatest treasure on Earth. Godspeed Donald J. Trump.

Speaking of Nasty Nancy Pelosi, this is when Laura Loomer held a protest outside her vineyard and residence. Loomer]even brought a few alleged illegals. I blogged about the event here. Unfortunatt, the excellent video of the Laura Loomers ezxellent svsnt is long gone due to Communist Google/YouToilet! Just anotherc crappy day in the D.C. Swamp, maybe ole poopy pants will put on another show for his DNC? 😆

chaos in d.c.
protestor sitting behind Nasty Pelosi’s desk 11.06.21

Gotta love the ballz. This guy has gotten his photo taken in Pelosi’s office!

I'm a Single original Floridian at 72 and still going. strong! I'm also a MAGA Republican and vocal Donald J. Trump supporter.. Lets face the facts Joe and his corrupt three letter agencies have forgot about our constitution! There IS but one choice for America, that's 🇺🇸 MAGA! 🇺🇸 Our fearless leader will be expanding GITMO soon! ☒