Why Are Consumers Still Being Conned After All These Years?

Taking a drive over to eBay’s Motors community forum today It’s mostly the same old whine about getting scammed. As it’s often said in the car business, theirs an ASS for every seat. Unfortunately with eCommerce today many fraud victims never get to sit in their new seat. eBay like Craigslist, Auto Trader, or any other websites is just a venue. Scammers have become clever over the years. It’s the buyers responsibility to verify a deals legitimacy!

Too good to be true used car deal. Buyer scammed.

This kind of fraud has been going on for over 16 years that I’ve been blogging about it. Buyer most likely found a steal of a deal on Craigslist or some app. The seller scammer reeled him in.

From the forum topic : Did you see the vehicle on another website? Did you pay with gift cards? And did the seller offer free shipping? Were you sent an email from Ebay with buyer protection? Then Im sorry, but you were scammed. Ebay has nothing to do with this, you were sent a fake Ebay email and fell for it. Scammers love gift cards, because they are untraceable.Ebay cant help you.

ebay forum topics

Just another observation.. I must be bored today! 🙄

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