Lost Everything I Owned In This Failed Relationship

She, (Debra Williams Griswold) told me to move out of her house in two weeks, We had been together since 2020. I was paying her rent and buying most of the food. She found someone else and moved out of town. What her family did to me was unimaginable. I lost everything I owned with the exception of my car and three garbage bags with my clothes stuffed inside!

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She moved out in two weeks and i suffered a fall at a church event. Broke two ribs and mangled my left leg body. After spending a couple of days in the hospital I was transferred to a local rehab to get my left leg working again.

During the time I was in the rehab they sold all my tools, some I’ve owned for 50 years. I was given my clothes in three garbage bags.

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Thought I knew this girl well. But as an old gambler once told me, you can’t tell the players without a program. How can someone be this cruel and heartless? Guess that’s why she has been married four times

Statement by Debbie after leaving 🥲☀️

I met Debbie around August 2020 shortly after my Angel fWan Lynch from Thailand passed away. One weekend she drove down to my place nicknamed tin can paradise, when she was leaving her legs gave out on her and she fell down on my porch stairs. Luckily she was not injured and she got on the chicken and veggies diet with me and we went to many local parks with walking trails. She was losing weight faster than me and was proud of her physical fitness and had the most beautiful smile. We were happy and enjoyed each other’s company. But then God was about ready to test our faith.

Deborah Griswold

Coming home from work one morning she felt pain in her chest. Being in the medical field at work she realized it was a heart attack. She called 911 and paramedics put her in an ambulance and transported her to the hospital. To make a long story short she had three stints put in that restored the blood flow that fed her body with blood. As Debbie lost weight and exercised her doctor took her off the stiff dose of Insulin she took twice daily. What a fantastic milestone to achieve in a short time 👍

Debbie and I at First Baptist Church of WWA 🙏

It’s my thought that God was ready to call her home. Years of eating junk food had taken its toll on her body. I will always believe in my heart that the lord was watching her improve her health and decided to give her another chance. When she was released from the hospital I picked her up and waited on her for five days because she was not supposed to bend over. She quickly forgot what I did for her!!

Her legs were strong and looked great! ❤️

Unfortunately when we lived together our healthy lifestyles started fading away. I was back political blogging and she sat and watched tv until midnight. Regardless we took good care of each other. We began eating unhealthy and both of us put all the weight back on that we lost.

Nearing the end of our relationship Debbie drove to the Florida panhandle and spent two weeks with her deceased husband’s family. Her home was infested with roaches and needed a spring cleaning. I went and bought a commercial bug killer and a pump-up sprayer. Sprayed everywhere and killed probably 90% of the rodents. Cleaned the bathroom and bought a new shower curtain to match the bathroom wallpaper. Her house looked great.

Debbie at her husband Harry’s military cemetery/

So on a Tuesday night, she came back home and came into the bedroom. I was laying in bed watching tv. She walked into the bathroom and looked around, not saying a word. She headed to the bedroom door and paused for a few seconds, turned, and said, I’m moving to Crestview in two weeks and you must be gone by then. I felt like I was nuked!

She packed her car up with her clothes and left. Soon her daughter Ashley served me with a 15-day eviction notice. The next day was Sunday and I went to church. The church was having a blood drive and a big blood mobile bus was parked outside the chapel. After the message, I decided that I would give blood. I walked to the bus and nobody was outside to greet me So I climbed aboard and started up the steps. Suddenly I felt myself falling backward and tumbling out of the bus landing hard on my left side. I ended up breaking two ribs and mangled my left leg up.

So after going to the ER who took cat scans of my head and midsection, they confirmed that I broke two ribs and was sent to a local rehab for physical therapy. I had put the eviction notice in with my hospital discharge papers. The folder was handed over to the rehab admittance team. Spring Hill Health and Rehab decided to involve themselves in my living situation and called Ashley. The social director came to me and asked what was going on. She informed me I had been evicted and was not allowed on the property.

Me and my bicycle in 2022

So after the 15 days went by I was waiting to be served by the sheriff to go up in front of the judge and be told to leave by date. But I was never served by the sheriff. When I was released from rehab I drove to the house to get some of my clothes and personal stuff, Someone called the sheriff on me. The deputy called me and we talked about the situation, I told the deputy i was nearby waiting for Anthony Tories, Ashley’s husband to get some of my property, He said that was fine and to call if I needed assistance.

At 6:00 I drove to the house and met with Anthony Tories. Before the meeting, I had been in contact with Ashley and she agreed to store my tools and computers in the utility shed. We had good positive communication while I was in rehab. Anthony Torres was nasty when I asked about my tools and automotive air conditioning equipment. He said, we had a yard sale and sold all my stuff. I lost everything I owned that was in my legal residence. No, they didn’t file the eviction with the court!

That’s it. I could sue for damages but feel like just washing my hands of the whole situation. I sincerely doubt that Debbie Griswold gave permission to Anthony Torres to sell my property. I’ve managed to secure a place to live at a senior living facility. Ever since the bloodmobile fall, I’ve fallen several times. I just topple over to the left.

Debbie Griswold
Debbie Griswold and Ed Koon “AKA Doc FidoSysop” together in 2021

Sunday was the sixth fall I’ve had. I had driven to Bradenton FL to visit a Thai church that Wan (my angel) and I attended. But before getting there I stopped at a Mc Donalds to use the bathroom. Getting out of my car I fell again landing on my left side. Paramedics were called and a couple of big men helped me get up off the ground. After driving back to Brooksville I went to the ER and was admitted again spending another 5 days. Now I’m in another rehab.

Seems these days folks are looking after themselves, And when one such as me is in a pickle those that I have known for three years were quick to take advantage of me! As for Debbie Griswold, I hold no hard feelings. She obviously found a better person to hook up with, and I can’t fault her for doing so. I’m feeling like my time to leave God’s good earth is nearing. I am old and tired

Update 07/26/23: I’m a survivor and also a good person. I’ve never hit a woman, though a couple of them got a few colorful metaphors in return for verbally attacking me. I don’t beat around the bush or sugarcoat anything. Don’t know what happened to Debbie. Before she threw me out like a sack of garbage when asking her a question she was nasty when replying. When my Thailand Angel Wan went to heaven I weighed in at 335 pounds..and realized I needed to get in shape before I could take care of another soulmate. So, I’m thinking back to 2020 right now and weigh in today at 270 pounds. I’m still in rehab and working out daily, being careful about what I eat and keeping track of what calories I consume. When I’m out of rehab I will be moving to an assisted living facility. I’m too old to live alone.

Debra Griswold at tin can paradice

Update 07/31/23: Fox News Reports: Age’ and ‘crazy mom ‘: What are the big red flags you ignored when starting a relationship? After reading this report I have to admit my heart overruled my brain’s common sense. We had many things in common. Both of us were born in Pinellas County FL, we were the same age, and neither of us smoked or drank, and in the beginning, we got along well. But she is a quiet type and never talks about her life, and I’m not a mind reader. And that is what turned out to be the stinger that cost me all I owned in the end.

I remember back decades ago to a short-lived relationship with a quiet type and thought I’d never get involved with another quiet woman type again. She has had others living in her home before me. Oh, what it would have been like to be a fly on the wall in that house over a decade ago. She has two daughters, one bought herself a three-year minimum mandatory sentence for smuggling cocaine into prison. She has been a druggie for the majority of her adult life living in the hood where her husband died of a drug overdose. It’s sad how some folks live.

Another daughter is from her late husband a retired military man who was good to Debbie and willed his property/home to her when he passed away from cancer. That daughter is really smart, especially with her work skills. However, she controls her mom. Takes money out of moms bank account, and calls her many times daily. I also feel Debbie is intimated by her. Debbie’s brother John Williams hates me with a passion. He also lived in the house and was always stirring up trouble between Debbie and me. Meanwhile, I haven’t heard a peep from any of them, and have been blocked on Facebook and Messenger. I’m a survivor starting life once again!

I would have taken exceptional care of Debbie Griswold for the rest of her life no matter how sick she was, and would never leave her. That was a Cruel Hartless thing Anthony and Debbie did to me. Karma comes to mind here! 😡

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