Limo Bob’s 100 Foot Cadillac Eldorado Limo Restored To Former Glory

Limo Bob’s Guinness world-record-setting 100 Foot Cadillac Eldorado Limousine has been tastefully restored by a Florida man and is in as pristine condition as it was back in the ’70s when Limo Bob had it constructed. It’s sad that Bob Strausser passed away (RIP) before being able to see his once ‘pride and joy’ limousine restored to like brand new condition as built by Hollywood’s Jay Ohrberg 😎

Rebuilding Limo Bob’s 100 foot Cadillac Eldorado Limousine, the world’s longest car. Video Credit, Guinness World Records

Back in July 2017, I blogged this article with photos of Limo Bob’s classic 100ft Cadillac Eldorado limousine as it was when just built, with a current photo and video showing it rusting away in an undisclosed location. It was sad seeing it sitting there stripped of parts and rusting away.

Limo Bob 100 FT Cadillac Eldorado
A photo of Limo Bob’s 100 foot Cadillac Eldorado limousine when new.

Time has not been kind to this unique hunk of Detroit iron. Here it sits outside in an undisclosed location stripped of its parts and rusting away! 😥

Limo Bob 100 Ft Stretch Cadillac Eldorado Rusting
Here sits what’s left of Limo Bob’s custom 100-foot stretch limo that made Guinness world record

MotorTrend reports: This is The American Dream, the world’s longest Cadillac Eldorado limo, at least according to the Guinness World Records organization. At 100 feet and 1.5 inches, we can’t imagine it has too many challengers to its throne. But as impressive as this 25,000-odd pound, helipad-equipped, massive Cadillac is, what’s even more impressive is that its restoration was completed at all. This limo was in terrible shape, a rotting hulk that would take a gargantuan effort to bring back to life.

This thing is cool, the 100-foot limo built by Jay Ohrberg that holds the Guinness record as the world’s longest. It’s in really awful condition but still awesome. It’s in the back lot of a car restoration school. Video credit, Matt Fourty.

Guinness World Record reports: Buckle up because you’re in for quite a long ride! The longest car in the world has finally been restored and is ready to cruise. On 1 March 2022, the super limo rolled in at a length of 30.54 meters (100 ft and 1.50 in), breaking its 1986 World record title by a small fraction. First built in Burbank, California in 1986 by customizer Jay Ohrberg , “The American Dream” originally measured 18.28 meters (60 feet), rolled on 26 wheels, and had two V8 engines at the front and rear.

Based on the 1976 Cadillac Eldorado limousines, the record-breaking automobile can be driven from both ends and can also operate as a rigid vehicle. The car was built in two sections, joined in the middle by a hinge for turning tight corners. Its large size and extravagant features mean passengers can ride in the lap of luxury. The American Dream includes a large waterbed, a swimming pool complete with a diving board, jacuzzi, mini-golf course, a helipad, and can fit more than 75 people!

100 foot Cadillac
Restored to its once pristine condition, here is Limo Bob’s 100ft Cadillac Eldorado Limousine. Image credit, Guinness World Records.

Autoseum , a technical teaching museum owned by Michael Manning in Nassau County, New York, recovered the colossal Caddy for restoration. Manning saw The American Dream listed on eBay and made an offer, hoping it was his chance at owning the super stretched limo. The corporation that had it listed didn’t want to sell it to me because they thought my offer was too low, so I made a deal to partner with them and bring it to New York,” said Manning. Plans to restore it to its former glory through community donations eventually dematerialized amid county politics and budgetary changes, once again leaving the car’s fate uncertain. We were going to restore it at my school but there wasn’t enough funding. It sat behind my building in Mineola for seven, eight years, continued Manning. 

100ft Cadillac Eldorado Limousine
Custom cars built by famed Hollywood customizer Jay Ohrberg. Image credit Jay Ohrberg.

Autoseum’s lease with Nassau County was eventually terminated, leaving Manning struggling to find a place he could relocate the car to. I ended up listing it on eBay again and figured if I didn’t sell it, I would transport it up to some property I have in the Catskills, said Manning. In 2019, Michael Dezer, owner of the Dezerland Tourist Attractions , saw the iconic car listed on eBay and contacted Manning. After Dezer purchased the Caddy, it was shipped to Orlando, Florida to be restored, and Manning agreed to assist with the project that he had always dreamed of completing. And today Limo Bob’s 100ft Cadillac Limo is a star once again! It’s sad Bob Strausser didn’t live to see its completion .

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