No Morals eBay Promotion Featuring Murdered Teen Johnny Peluyera

eBay YouTube promoter crazeenydriver produced this video attempting to profit from the Murder of 16yo Johnny Peluyera , who was shot to death when selling his Xbox on popular selling app offerup. Once again eBay Inc proves it has no shame! 😡

16 Year Old Kid Listed His XBox on Offerup and is No Longer Alive!

To attempt to profit from capital crime Murder is beyond disgusting. What is eBay thinking shamelessly promoting the murder of Johnny Peluyera, to make a buck!

Crazeenydriver goes on to say: My opinion it is not safe to meet strangers online and conduct business. I would say you’re better off selling on a legitimate website like eBay and shipping the items direct to your customers.

He also blackballs eBay’s competition in this shameful promo video: Guys do not become another statistic. I know you have stuff you want to sell online, there’s plenty of money to be made. I’ve been doing it for 20 years on eBay safely. Just list your items and ship them to your customers once they pay you online. Again I do not recommend offer up or Craigslist to anybody period.

Doc entered this comment on the YouTube video in question but it is hidden, obviously shadow-banned by Google, only visible to me when signed into YouTube.

Sell on eBay and some scumbag will file a not as described complaint screwing the seller out of his money and item. And the seller is still charged the fvf plus a 4% penalty. eBay Inc – just like ole Honest Frank’s family motors, you get screwed here just like at home! 😆

shameless ebay promotion
Comment on crazeenydrivers shameless promo video that was removed shortly afterward

Anything for a buck, eh eBay.. Shameless NO MORALS Corporation! 😥

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