eBay Seller Talks About High Motors Fees & Fraud

After motoring over to eBay’s motors community forum another interesting topic was discovered. A member posted about fraudulent collector car listings. Another chimed in saying he no longer sells on eBay. The fees are too high for what sellers receive!

From motors forum : I’m always looking at Classic Mercedes on eBay and lately I see more and more copied photos & stupid low prices. Listings that are clearly fraudulent and yet they do nothing. I cant even report the listing because the drop down list does not have an appropriate selection. I’m loosing faith in eBay fast. Today I can see at least 5 new listings that are questionable to say the least.

A favorite saying I’ve used for over a decade is. Some things on eBay never change. Particularly the used car scam listings. It’s obvious car scams on eBay are still thriving in 2018. But with advance in technology in the past decade why are scams still flourishing?

Another topic post:

I wouldn’t waste the time complaining as it just falls on deaf ears. This has gone on since eBay was placed into service, their only concerns are that people behave and profits.

Further down the topic an old school seller chimed in about what the site has became:

eBay Motors Selling Fees Automobiles
According to this motors forum poster eBay Motors vehicle listing fees are too high

I know that I am going to sound like an “old timer” saying this, but once upon a time eBay was a great place to sell. I was here in 1998 and sold here for nearly 20 years. In that time, the site has become riddled with frauds and scams. There was once an individual who was very critical of the site and he ended up getting banned. 😥

We no longer sell through eBay. The fees have gotten to the point that you can easily spend $400 per car relisting and that kind of sales rate just costs us money and earns eBay profits. There are lots of cars for sale here, but if you pull up something at random, you’ll see that the site is littered with classified ads. This is not the platform that we wanted.

The bottom line is that you can come here and complain all day long and no one cares at eBay. I’ve written a few letters to their corporate office and end up getting a quick e-mail reply by someone who knows nothing of the car business.

Unless you have a highly specialized vehicle or something dirt cheap that needs a lot of work, this is not the platform to use.

I’m sure he was referring to me in the topic. Yes i was critical of eBay Motors. I witness the site getting a negative reputation because of the scams and management not giving a crap. Management didn’t want to hear my concerns and gave me the boot in 2006 .

The motors venue is a crap-shoot for the occasional vehicle seller. eBay offers 7 FREE listings to lure newbie seller in. The catch is a ‘successful listing fee ‘ if your vehicle sells. The house knows there is a good chance of getting a deadbeat bidder or buyer. Can ya hear the cash register going ka-ching ringing up another sale? 🙄

eBay could have had the most trustworthy venue to trade automobiles on worldwide had they verified buyers and sellers. Dealers should have had their licenses verified. Dealer bonds should have been on file in case of a no title situation etc.

Nobody should have been allowed to sell a motor vehicle without a proven sales track record. Newbie car sellers should have been ID Verified. It was too easy to set up a new sellers account with a stolen credit card and rip buyers off .

Oh Well.. As usual.. Just my two cents worth! 😉

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