Social Media Censorship Ramps Up As CoronaVirus Takes Worldwide Toll

Social media censorship is coming down hard on conservatives and Trump Supporters as covid-19 takes it’s toll. The below image was shared to my Facebook page. I thought it was cute. The photo told the truth about Nancy Pelosi and her goons adding pork to America’s stimulus relief package.

i lost my job

Reaction to the photo was exceptional as other conservatives chimed in. It should be noted someone else added this photo to their public Facebook profile. A friend had shared it and after seeing it I shared it also. Well i got a nasty-gram from Facebook saying PolitiFact had fact checked it to be false. I was told my page visibility had been lowered and was prompted to delete my post and did so. Some leftist reported it no doubt. Like this Obama Monkey post a while back! 😥

Meanwhile as social media censorship ramps up the usual bad actors are stirring up trouble!

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health, shut down CNN’s Jim Acosta on Tuesday for suggesting that President Donald Trump did not act early enough to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Sore loser leftists attacked Mike Lindell the CEO of My Pillow. Lindell being the true American Patriot that he is started making N95 masks. Yet leftists attacked this patriot for his efforts helping Americans.

It’s imperative we closely follow the CDC CoronaVirus survival guidelines . Turn off the gloom and doom peddlers spreading disinformation about this pandemic. If you have a Roku streaming device the channel is a free addon. Don’t give haters such as CNN or NBC (add others here) any of your time. Networks have analytics like the web, they know when their turned off! 😆

In this post blogged yesterday. I urged president Trump to use his power of executive privilege to unplug disinformation networks. I’m obviously not an attorney, and don’t know if this can be done, but unplugging is one solution. FCC could possibly pull disinformation peddlers licenses. Major Internet service providers could use their dns to block websites such as CNN and other haters.

We are Americans and will get through this pandemic together. As president Trump said yesterday, It’s going to be a tough two weeks. But we will survive and become even stronger than before!

social media freeway cartoon by Ben Garrison

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