Reddit Shoots The Messenger Suspends Project Veritas Action

The old saying “Shoot the Messenger” is alive and well in 2019 as Reddit Suspends Project Veritas Action Act. James O’Keefe publisher of the popular undercover video website did nothing illegal, but his latest undercover video exposed Google election meddling. Google is bent on never letting somebody like Donald Trump come to power again!

Screenshot of project veritas action video censored by YouTube after exposing Google dirty laundry

Big Tech controls the Internet, and big daddy Google IS the net gatekeeper. Nothing these days surprises me. Popular conservative voices are being squashed by big tech who is shooting the messenger. Alex Jones, Gab social media alternative, who’s getting the Guillotine next?

YouTube has falsely been deleting creators videos for bullshit made up on the fly policy violations for too long. Thinking Project Veritas video would be whacked it was archived here shortly before Google lowered the boom on James O’Keefe.

This parody video hits home about YouTube Heroes program operated by left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center. Program members earn Google brownie points flagging

An ideological purge of mostly right-wing channels and videos has taken place the past several days on YouTube. YouTube said Wednesday (Feb 28th) it’s expanded Trusted Flaggers program’s new influx of 10,000 flaggers were mistakenly removing videos that did not violate YouTube TOS. Sen. Ted Cruz questions big tech about it’s censorship allegations.

Since yesterday’s project Veritas Google expose not one TV network has commented, that i know of. Not a peep from Sean Hannity last night, and no mention from Fox & Friends this morning. Naturally Lester Holt kept quiet last night. The Internet GOD is Google!

Can you imagine the damage would be done if Google De-indexed FOX News? 😥

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